Did you know you can easily double your local business profits? Studies show the army of online shoppers in 2016 is equal to those who buy offline, and growing. According to stats, about 70% of customers always research online before purchasing in a local store and are willing to pay a third more. It’s time to go online!

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Local Profy propels your local business in the Internet with the most advanced Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Content Marketing methods. Not only do we bring interested visitors to your website, but we also increase your sales and help fueling the hype around your products and services.

With more than 40 SEO and marketing specialists and over 8 years of experience, we deliver more sales, leads and profits to your local business.
Local SEO
Starting with optimizing your site structure and content, we gradually raise the visibility of your website on the Web. And with Google Places, external references and testimonials we add to your business’ reputation and trust.
Content Marketing
It’s not only about filling your website with quality content and writing informative posts to your blog. We also spread the word out by cooperating with online communities on your topic and publishing targeted articles.
Pay Per Click
Efficient advertising in Google and Bing brings you targeted and highly relevant visitors you can easily turn to clients at low costs. And that’s a continuous process, not a one-time.
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